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Private Pot Tour Bus Rental

LOVE the bus?
Think it would be perfect for an upcoming gathering?
Our party bus is ideal for night club hopping, Bachelor parties, sporting events, birthday parties and tail gating.
This bus is all yours for $125 per hour, 4 hour minimum. (Includes the driver)
Want to go on a Wine and Weed tour out to wine country? We can work that out too.
Give us a call to book (Max Occupancy 12 people)










  •   Omar made our experience amazing! If I could give this tour 10 stars I would. He made the tour very enjoyable and took us to local spots around Portland. Dispensaries were so awesome! Would recommend this tour to all my friends and family!!!

    thumb Sarah L.

      The Potlandia Experience was entertaining and also very educational. I enjoyed our time cruising and learning about the legal pot scene in Portland. Omar is a great driver and even better person. Appreciate the hospitality. Time well spent while on vacation. Smoke, eat, drink.

    thumb Bijan M.

      This experience is the ultimate Portland Pot experience.  

    The tour guide is passionate and personable, and immediately created a chill, welcoming environment for the experience.  The locations chosen to visit were clearly chosen with the intention to share the Classic Portland Experience.  

    This experience is for everyone - Toking Tourists who want to see Portland, or Locals who love the Cannabis Culture.  I did go with a friend, but would have definitely had fun and felt safe alone because of how inclusive and respectful the scene is, and because of the community environment the Tour Guide created.

    thumb Jaslyn C.
  •   I do t even know where to begin. Our guide was incredible.... he took us to spots only a local would know. Bus was clean and set up and ready for a good time. Each stop had a gift bag for us. I couldn't be more happy with this experience. Major shout out to Deanz Greenz....good people!!

    thumb Jamie T.

      OMG! This was the most fun I've had in such a long time. There were 10 ppl on the tour, Omar, the driver was very knowledgeable and passionate. Each experience is different, they don't just frequent the same place everytime. I plan to do it again when I return. On our tour, we went to 2 dispensaries, a brew house, the park overlooking the lake and lunch at one of the many food pods. The bus is very comfortable and quite the attraction when you step out at your destination as if you were in a Cheech and Chong movie. They really try to touch all of your senses with the unique variety of places, sites and sounds. I absolutely recommend that you give this tour a try, you won't be disappointed.

    thumb DeAnn A.

      The Potlandia tour was super dope. Omar was a super knowledgeable guy in regards to the city, the history, Cannabis industry, local businesses, etc. There were only 6 of us on the tour which I think made the experience a little more personable. We hit some great dispensaries, had some wonderfully infused beers and surprisingly got to see some great parks within the city of Portland. Of course there was plenty of options to smoke on the ride. All the added treats and accessories they provided really made the tour roll very smoothly. I would recommend this to anybody interested in the legal Cannabis Industry that's flourishing within Portland. Peace & Blessings

    thumb Pablo L.
  •   Took this tour with Omar last week.  Talk about the coolest tour guide EVER!  Took us to a grow, a few dispensaries, a skate park, brewery and a food cart pod, the day was beyond words.  I would reccommend this tour all who are interested in the marijuana culture.

    thumb Wayne O.

      I have not actually been on the bus yet, but scheduling the bus has been a great experience! Camille made herself very available and was totally open to answering my very stupid questions! She even negotiated with me on the price due to my timing needs.

    I am surprising my husband for his 32nd birthday with this bus. I think it is going to be a wonderful experience.

    thumb Stephanie B.

      Very informative and fun!  Omar was great! I do not use cannibis  but was with someone who does. I still found the tour enjoyable. The employees at the dispensaries were friendly, encouraged questions and were happy to make suggestions vased on what you are looking for.. I would definitely recommend  this tour whether you use or not.

    thumb Tammy C.
  •   Went on the tour for b day gift loved every thing about it had a amazing time the driver Omar was great!!

    thumb J.R. T.

      Had a great time on the Potlandia Experience Cannabis Tour!  It was a real hoot!!!  Not only did we get a great tour of Portland, we met some great people and had a very relaxing day!!!  I would definitely recommend "The Potlandia Experience" to all!!!

    thumb Kerry A.

      For $75 we pretty much got driven to different dispensaries like an Uber... But we were already doing this on our own before the tour. We thought the tour was going to take us to a growing facility or farm. Instead we went to 3 dispensaries, one food place and a brewery. Although the driver was super friendly and welcoming he didn't give us any information that we didn't already know. Didn't feel like we learned anything new. Nothing was really included besides a couple of blunts to share with the fellow riders. If you wanted food, bud, or brews you had to purchase them. Met some cool people throughout the tour but nothing special.

    thumb Kayla S.
  •   I used the Potlandia Experience for my best friends bachelorette party and it was really fun! We went to 4 or 5 different bars, there was 9 or 10 of us and there was plenty of space in the bus for more people! The driver was super nice! It was all around a great experience and worth a second round!!!

    thumb Megan N.