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About Us

Weed, Glass, Growers, and Beer

The Potlandia Experience Marijuana Tour is the latest offering from Great Oregon Tours, one of the top-rated tour companies in Portland Oregon. Our guides are the best in the business, and you’re sure to be “edutained” on this pot tour, and you’ll feel like you’re now a part of Portland’s growing marijuana culture. The Potlandia Experience is definitely a rock and roll trip around Portland, designed to give you the ultimate sightseeing tour in a very cool tour bus! 

Oh, and wait till you see this bus, it’s DOPE!

What sets us apart from other Cannabis Tour Companies?

Based in Portland, we have been witness to the revolution and liberation of legalized recreational marijuana. More importantly, as experts in tourism, we’ve done our homework, knocked on some doors, met the key players in the cannabis industry, and definitely sampled some goods.

We can say with great confidence that we have lined up the ultimate Potlandia Experience, a well thought out and focused marijuana tour. It is the perfect way to spend an afternoon in Portland while being chauffeured around in the coolest pot tour bus anywhere!

Time Well Spent

"The Potlandia Experience was entertaining and also very educational. I enjoyed our time cruising and learning about the legal pot scene in Portland. Omar is a great driver and even better person. Appreciate the hospitality. Time well spent while on vacation. Smoke, eat, drink."

Very Informative

"Very informative and fun! Omar was great! I do not use cannabis but was with someone who does. I still found the tour enjoyable. The employees at the dispensaries were friendly, encouraged questions and were happy to make suggestions based on what you are looking for.. I would definitely recommend this tour whether you use or not."

Very Relaxing!

"Had a great time on the Potlandia Experience Cannabis Tour! It was a real hoot!!! Not only did we get a great tour of Portland, we met some great people and had a very relaxing day!!! I would definitely recommend “The Potlandia Experience” to all!!!"

The Potlandia Experience

8516 SW Lucille Court
Tigard, OR, 97223